To: Dennis Prager, Founder, PragerU

Dear Dennis,

I stand with you in your historic, nation-shaping legal battle against Internet censorship of conservative content by Google-YouTube!

As the world’s largest information repository, Google and YouTube have an obligation to allow and foster the free exchange of all ideas on the Internet, not just the ones they already agree with.

PragerU’s mission is to educate America’s youth on the principles of economic freedom, American exceptionalism, personal liberty, and a strong national defense.

Blocking PragerU videos is a blatant act of censorship, possibly driven by fear of the exploding popularity of your five minute videos, viewed by tens of millions of young Americans.

I, a freedom-loving American, am committed to doing my part to enable PragerU to fight back and win against this ideological censorship, and keep the Internet open for teaching our nation’s great conservative principles.

National Petition to End Google Censorship

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